Question Answer
Q 1: How many years of Data is available through esearch ? From 2002 onwards.
Q 2: How to Search property registration details ? By two Methods , either by property details or by document details
Q3 :How to Search Data using property details method ? Use Help button on the screen and follow the  necessary instructions.
Q4 : Whar are the various reports available through esearch ? Index2  as per the nature of document
Q 5: How to cancel the search ? Use  cancel button.
Q 6 : What about pending or rejected document ? They are also available in search with proper messages.
Q 7 :How can I get the search of data before 2002? For that you have to visit concern Sub-Registrar Office.
Q 8:How can I get certified copy of Index or Document? For that you have to apply to concern Sub-Registrar Office.